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Every blade of grass has its angel that bends over it and whispers, “Grow, grow."
The Talmud

Is spring knocking on our door already?

The days are getting warmer, no need to heat the house anymore and the earth is being covered with a carpet of greens. Doesn’t that make you feel so alive after the cold rainy winter?

Every afternoon my darling dog, Dova, takes me out for a walk. That is one of her chores. On the way back we go through the park where I have been picking leaves of the Chubeza plant (bread, in Arabic). They are those green "weeds" that nobody thinks much of… but are actually great organic greens. If they aren't growing at a roadside, they are the best thing for you, full of the sun's energy, chlorophyll and nature's many gifts to us.

Aren't we lucky we didn’t totally destroy our planet …
and that nature is still doing it's magnificent thing ?!


Monthly Focus - Edible Wild plants

There are many wild plants that are actually edible: Wild Mustards, Mallow (Chubeza), Milk Thistle, Nettle, Crown Daisy,
Common Fennel … just to name a few.

They are organic, free and in season right now, loaded with nutrients, great for healing, cleansing and for boosting our energy.

They are best eaten Raw, without cooking, since heating destroys many of their nutrients. The smaller younger leaves have more living energy than the bigger older ones.
Note how picking them connects us to mother earth and to our food. I recommend eating them right after picking, enabling us to absorb as much of those great vitamins, minerals and antioxidants as we can.

Since now is the time to go out into nature and pick wild organic greens - just make sure you really are picking the edible ones.

Here are a few:

Wild Mustards – Same family as arugula (Cruciferous Family), has a great bitter taste.
The sharp taste is due to natural pesticide materials that are in the plant.
The yellow flowers are also a wonderful edible decoration.

Mallow (Chubeza)
– Mild flavor. Check out the recipe below.

Milk Thistle – The leaves are quite prickly but you can remove the jagged edges and eat the inner part. The young stems can also be peeled and eaten or used as a straw since they are hollow. Great for healing the liver.

Nettle – Choose young leaves. Pick the leaves from underneath while folding the leaf in half, then fold a few more times to crush all the little prickles and then it can be eaten easily.
Makes a great tea (dried or fresh). Very high in calcium (2900 mg per 100 gm).

Since I don't eat any dairy, people often ask me: "Where do you get your calcium?"
They are always surprised when I reply: "From the same source all the big animals do (elephants, giraffes, cows) - from Leafy Greens."

Source : Edible Wild Plants by Eliran De Mayo
(May be purchased at Hasadna or through Eliran 054-5818518 elirand2@hotmail.com)


Recipe of the month
Mallow Leaf (Chubeza) Fresh Rolls

Go for a walk in nature or even better - spend a whole day or weekend up North or down South.
Smell the fresh air, be in the sun, have a picnic, give your special person in your life a hug and tell them you love them, and pick some edible greens.
For this recipe you will need Mallow (Chubeza) or any other large leaf.
Back home, wash and spin them in a lettuce dryer.

Make a quinoa salad
or any other dish of choice to fill the leaves
You can add some nuts, seeds, gogi berries,
unsweetened cranberries …

Flatten a leaf on a board. Place 1 Tablespoon of the filling at the base of the leaf, fold up the bottom, fold in the sides and roll up, dunk into some olive oil, tahini or soy sauce and take a bite.
(may be rolled ahead of time or right at the table by each person)


Place a leaf on a plate, cover it with some cooked grains, a few sliced veggies, sprouts and tahini, fold the bottom up, the sides in, and roll, dunk in some olive oil or soy sauce and bite.

More options for greens:
Slice and toss into a salad or sandwich.
Throw them into the blender with some fruit and superfoods for a green smoothie.
Eat'em with a warm dish.

Mmmmm – now that is yummy!

Remember to sing this popular song every day :

G – r - eeeeee - n ….. Green ….. Green Green (twice)
When I want you, in my arms
When I want you, and all your charms
When-ever I want you, all I have to do is
G – r - eeeeee - n ….. Green ….. Green Green

Only trouble is … gee whiz.. I'm Greening my life away…
(actually, there is no trouble with that…)

Have a greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
eeeeeeeeeeeeen Month

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