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My Electric Experience

March 2011

Do not dwell in the past,
do not dream of the future,
concentrate the mind
on the present moment.

Gautama Buddha

You know how it is. Though you might hear about some particular something over and over again, you still feel it isn’t right for you. But then all of a sudden you have a shift in your ideas, or someone may convince you or say something to you, and you actually do it. And the
n you are surprised at how long it took you to do this amazing thing. Well, this is exactly what happened to me with the Vipassana Meditation course in which I recently participated.

Since my early twenties I have been travelling to India, Nepal and the Far East, deep into self-searching and inner growth. But I never felt pulled or interested in Vipassana, a 2500 year old meditation technique devised by Bu
ddha. For years I felt there is no way in the world I could sit in meditation for 10 days.
Every time someone brought it up, I said: No thank you!

Well, I guess a few weeks ago was just the right timing, as I found myself down in the South of Israel, sitting in Vipassana meditation. I must say this about it: Wow! It is one of the strongest experiences I have ever had, different for every participant.
If I try to summarize it in a few sentences, for me it was connecting to the prese
nt moment, being able to observe my bodily sensations and to really feel, know and experience on every level how everything is pure energy, pure chemical reactions, and constantly changing. How I am, and the world around me is, all vibrations and waves of electricity.
We are all part of one big battery …

And the beautiful thing is that if you continue meditating it creates a big change in ordinary, day to day life, in the way you react and deal with different situations.
If you are intrigued in any way, don’t let fear stop you.
Jump into the present unknown and see how amazing it is.

Click for the Israeli Vipassana site

Click for the World Vipassana site



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Recipe of the Month
Superfood Morning Porridge

By now you know I love eating Superfoods, but lately I found my morning green superfood smoothie just a bit too cold.
So here is a quick Superporri
dge you can take with you, anywhere.

I actually took the superfood mix with me to the Vipassana and added it to their porridge for my breakfast (at 6:30AM). It is a great, delicious energizing meal that will keep you going for a good many hours.

Then, when we went up North for the weekend, I took all the ingredients and made a Superfood Morning Porridge from scratch.

Click to watch Superfood Porridge Video


1 cup of oats
coconut oil
1 banana (or any other fruit)
superfoods: goji berries, chia seeds, cacao nibs, maca powder, bee pollen


Soak oats in water overnight (neutralizes the phytic acid which prohibits absorption of minerals in the body)
In the morning, cook on a low flame while stirring, about 7-10 minutes
(add more water if needed)
Put some porridge in a bowl with some coconut oil, raisins, cinnamon, nuts and lots of superfoods
Slice a banana on the top
Cool the rest and refridgerate for the next few days.
Rewarm just enough for each meal (but not in the micro!!!)

Wishing us a month of being in the present moment
and surprising ourselves.

What are you going to do this month that will be different …?!

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