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A successful marriage requires falling in love many times
always with the same person.
Mignon McLaughlin

I just got married! And there are two more weddings to come
luckily all to the same man.

Diarmuid is Irish and I am Israeli we were going to have two weddings. We wanted them to be small, no big parties, stress free: one Jewish wedding in my mother’s garden in Israel and one Celtic wedding in the field, in the West of Ireland on the Aran Islands. The weddings are planned for June 2012.

But since I have been coming back and forth to Ireland for the last year or so, we decided to simplify things and actually get married earlier, just sign the papers with a civil ceremony, with no party, no wedding. However from here to there, between a Jewish mother on one side and an Irish mother on the other, this too became a wedding…
So we just had our first wedding … a small, simple, intimate civil ceremony in Dublin, follow
ed by a party at Diarmuid’s parents’ home.

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Our Vegetarian Weddings

Mostly all the food was (and will also be in the two to come) vegetarian and organic.
Even here in Ireland, though they love their meat, our vegetarian food was cat
ered by The Happy Pear, and everyone was amazed at how delicious it all was.

If you are ever in Ireland you have to go and eat at The Happy Pear in Greystones just south of Dublin, owned and run by identical twins, David and Stephen, who are very happy and very healthy.
The Happy Pear is the sweetest healthiest restaurant/cafe/juice bar/health food store with the most delicious food and the most laid back energy.


Recipe of the Month - Our Wedding Pie!
My new mother-in-law Colette’s Apple Pie

It was so delicious, made with organic apples from the garden.
She actually baked 4 pies and we ate them during the whole week.
When I asked Colette for the recipe she laughed and said she has No recipe.
But after inquiring for a few days, I was able to get something from h

She said “it can be made on either butter or margarine”. “Oh,” I said: “but this one was certainly made on butter!” She answered: “either butter or margarine …”. I continued with a bit of stress, thinking of all the apple pie I ate in the last few days: “Yes, but these pies were on butter, weren’t they?” She replied: “Either … or …”

I was shocked to find out that it was margarine…

Oh well…. I am still alive.
It really was delicious!!
Though I haven’t made it yet, here is my version based on the original:

Enough for a few pies - you can keep extra dough refrigerated or frozen

455 gm flour (I will try to make it on spelt flour or half spelt half whole flour)
350 gm soft butter (or coconut oil)
Tart Apples
Sugar (I will make it with organic cane sugar)
1 organic egg


Mix butter into flour using a fork

Add a little water to form pie dough (about 6 tablespoons, or more if needed)
Roll out batter on floured board
Fold several times, incorporating air into it (I was told that’s the secret)
Put in fridge overnight
Roll out again
Place a thin layer in pie pan
Slice the cored apples thinly (though she peeled the apples, I will leave the peel
Spread apples over bottom pie crust
Sprinkle with sugar
Put another pastry layer on top and trim
Seal edges with fork
Paint with (organic, free range) egg or (organic) milk
Make holes to let steam out

Bake at 200C/400F degrees for 20-25 minutes
watching until crust is golden

Wishing Us All A Very Happy March,
Marching to Celebrations

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